Grand Teton National Park Winter Adventure

Grand Teton National Park

This week Waffles set off to the Grand Tetons near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is one of her favorite National Parks in the summer and she wanted to experience it covered in snow. She started hiking at the Taggart Lake Trailhead and followed the trail to Taggart Lake and then Bradley Lake. Both lakes were frozen and covered in snow. Waffles met a couple of backcountry skiers that showed her a hidden trail that made its way up to the saddle by the Grand Teton. These skiers had climbed to the saddle earlier that day and had just skied down the steep mountain side and down to the lakes. Waffles made it about half way up the trail before she had to turn back because it was starting to get dark. But before she turned back, she had just enough time to make a little snow angel:)

4 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park Winter Adventure”

  1. These photos make me smile. I am a retired school teacher (39 years in the early primary grades) and the biggest Waffles Fan. (My daughter uses your books in her CA first grade classroom) Looking forward to purchasing Waffles stuffie and more books!

  2. Well Nick Mask I love finding Waffles and you because years ago we bought your mom and dads home at Turkey Trail in Statesboro! I think you were around four years old and had a new baby sister!
    Small world! You have a couple of nieces and I have a five year old grandson

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